I have a book with directions to different trails in the mountains on Oahu. The directions are specific, but don't include any photos. Almost all of them involve driving through a subdivision and then heading up a trail between two houses or through a cul de sac. There's no gradual transition between city and country, here -- the houses are packed in right up against the mountainside.

This trail took me three tries (and three cul de sacs) before I found it.

The trail was on the shady side of the mountain through a soggy, jungle-filled valley. I didn't take many photos because the light was bad, and any time I held still I was attacked by mosquitoes.

Still itching today, I opted for a a drier walk. Koko Crater is on the east end of Oaho There must be some sort of rain shadow there, because the climate is much dryer. It looks a lot like central California.

Most of the crater is packed full of tiny houses, but on one edge there's a golf course, horse stables and trails, and a huge (60 acre) botanical garden.

There were big signs warning me against eating anything from the garden, which I found puzzling for a cactus garden. Towards the end of the trail there was an enormous fig tree which rained figs down on me every time the wind blew.

I reluctantly followed the rules and didn't eat any.

The garden was pretty haphazard, and most of the plants were presented without explanation. I'll do the same.