goldfish market

Believe it or not, this was not my idea.  I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with Quebecois coworker Marc and his boyfriend, and they turn out to be aspiring fishkeepers and wanted to visit Tung Choi Street (which was close to the restaurant we were at anyway.)

As is always my experience in Asia, there were lots of shops specializing in freshwater invertebrates and Amano-style planted tanks (my bag!) and a much stronger tendency to treat fish as ‘stuff’ rather than as ‘living stuff’ (not so much my bag.)  The shopkeepers are also understandably discouraging of photographs, presumably because they’re sick of having their narrow aisles clogged with tourists who are definitely not going to buy anything.

Not pictured:  Many beautiful planted tanks, including one that was 12-or-so feet wide and full of Cryptocorynes that must’ve taken years to grow; Caridina shrimp in every possible color; A giant tank full of what must have been $US100,000 worth of Asian arowana.

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