Big island landscapes

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I’m spending the week with my parents and nieces in Puako on the Big Island (aka “Hawai’i island” but no one ever calls that because it’s confusing that part of the state has the same name as the whole state.)  I love looking at the satellite view because just looking out the window doesn’t make it quite so obvious that the island is mostly volcano and literally steaming, smoking and (gently) erupting at this very moment.

The dramatic landscape makes for dramatic climate shifts as well.  I flew into Hilo yesterday which is the middle of lush, rains-every-day jungle.  Over the course of a few hours we drove through chilly windy highlands, forest, and ranchland, and are now on the ‘dry side’ of the island which is rocky and scrubby like Arizona.  Furthermore, there was snow visible on mauna kea off in the distance.

These photos are in chronological order, east to west.  I couldn’t get any photos of the snow-capped peak because the zoom-lense on my camera has begun to misbehave badly.

Big Island landscape 1

Big Island landscape 2

Big Island landscape 3

Big Island landscape 4

Big Island landscape 5

Big Island landscape 6

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