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I’m bringing brussels sprouts to thanksgiving.  For some reason I know as a rule of thumb that “chestnuts pair with brussels sprouts” so I decided to peel a few handfuls to add to the vegetables. Cookbooks and online guides say … Continue reading

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My annual environmental catastrophe

I’m asking various Carbon Emission calculators how much of a mess it will make for me to fly one-way from Los Angeles to Honolulu. says: 702 pounds says: 2050 pounds says:  1633 pounds So, that’s confusing.  I … Continue reading

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Money is still broken

Every year or so I get a great idea:  Wouldn’t it be nice if my tenants could pay rent electronically?  Then I wouldn’t have to go to the bank, tenants wouldn’t have to remember to write a check, I’d lose … Continue reading

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First it goes down a chute…

In a movie review in the avclub, I came across this clip from the movie ‘Match Factory Girl.’  I’m not especially interested in the film, but the opening footage of the match machines is fascinating. I would watch films like … Continue reading

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My morning

  Right now I’m sitting on my couch listening to voice mails.  My new phone service was assigned a number that previously belonged to someone with many outstanding bills, so there are now 120 impatient voice mails from bill collectors … Continue reading

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