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What’s good for that

When I set out for lunch today I accidentally left my wrist brace on.  On my way out of the apartment building, a guy who was peering inside stepped back and opened the door for me. He:  Hey man, what … Continue reading

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does it speaketh of the trinity?

Ok, here’s how this works: First, the veligers (that’s the planktonic larvae of a mollusk, in this case, an abalone) putter around in the water for a week, eating nothing and looking for a good place to land.  Then they … Continue reading

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Seahorse farm

This afternoon my mom and I visited the ‘Ocean Rider’ seahorse farm.  It’s a family operation which is developing domesticated varieties of seahorses which are suited for captivity — previously most pet seahorses were wild-caught, extremely finicky, and died promptly … Continue reading

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In my tour of landscapes yesterday, I left out the most dramatic which is just a bit down the road from the last photo.  Lots of the kona coast is covered with these lava flows… occasionally there are patches of … Continue reading

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My camera can no longer zoom, but the macro lense seems to still be working fine.  I’m uploading fullsized versions of most of these photos with thumbnails in case anyone wants to see individual lizard-scales or bug-veins. Someone at the … Continue reading

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Big island landscapes

View Larger Map I’m spending the week with my parents and nieces in Puako on the Big Island (aka “Hawai’i island” but no one ever calls that because it’s confusing that part of the state has the same name as … Continue reading

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