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The other yacht owners at the marina are always worried about ‘fouling’ — the water here is warm and fertile and thick growths of kelp appear on every submerged surface.  A few days ago my next-door neighbor Fred was in … Continue reading

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Camel Pee

I’m having a hard time remembering that these peas will probably not give me lung cancer. I just got an ‘are you alive?’ email, so I must be due for a post.  I’m suffering from a bit of mission creep … Continue reading

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Marina bay

I took the long trip to the Esplanade on Friday in search of my favorite food and to check out the progress on the new waterfront development that was just starting when I was last here. The food was a … Continue reading

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I refer to my home as ‘the Clamn‘ because that’s what the boat’s owner calls it.  In truth, though, it is merely a Clamn.  Later in life when I’m living in a van down by the river, I’ll be sure … Continue reading

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Filthy & furtive in the lap of luxury

Me in the dark by the swimming pool.  My view is pretty good — yours, not so much. It is 4:30AM.  I think I’ve nearly defeated my jet lag by walking around absolutely all day yesterday and staying up until … Continue reading

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Update & Survey

Me, back at the Cathay Center — one of the few places I can get wifi service without first registering via the mobile phone which I do not have. I have arrived in Singapore but I am far from settled … Continue reading

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