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Tanjong Pagar->KL Sentral

I’m killing a bit of time in the Kuala Lumpur train station, waiting for the ticket office to open so I can pay for my seat to Ipoh.  There’s a TV in the corner running political coverage, and the Malaysian … Continue reading

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Product endorsement

I just ran through the online Ikea mattress recommender.  It offered many helpful suggestions but did not recommend that I purchase the item that I’ve been sleeping on for the last month, the Solsta sofa bed. That’s probably because the … Continue reading

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Unrelated food photos

I was excited at the prospect of assembly-line-style Peking duck for one.  It was really terrible, though. “Cereal Prawns”  As far as I can tell these are made much the same way as granola.  Lots of oats and lots of … Continue reading

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Boom Blox

Never before have I seen architecture that was so obviously designed by a 4-year-old.

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Downstairs neighbors

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  Many posts of repetitive macro photos coming up.

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Bathroom stall door at a LAN-gaming center Side-by-side dueling cream-puff franchisees.  There’s a third cream-puff outlet (‘Polar’) about 50 feet away.

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Here’s a very shaky long pan of the Albert hawker center where I ate dinner tonight.  It’s mostly blurry and useless but may give some idea of the weird enormity of the snack shacks I’ve been frequenting. I was holding … Continue reading

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The Full Jerry

Today has been a bit annoying. My modest goal for the day was to get my clothes washed.  This is always a challenge — usually I haul a giant laundry bag on the metro (attracting the ever watchful eye of … Continue reading

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It’s hard to convey in a photo just how crowded the shipping lane over to my right is.  Some of the time it really looks quite a bit like a freeway. (Click the photo to expand.) After pointing out and … Continue reading

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