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Snacks in Conclusion

I’m back in Minneapolis.  I never cease to be impressed by how very, very far it is from Malaysia to Minnesota. Here’s my last bunch of out-of-context food photos from the last week or so. An ice kacang from a … Continue reading

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SAF Yacht Club

View Larger Map I’m back in Singapore today to pack up and catch my breath before flying back to the US.  It was a nice clear day today so I tried to shoot a panorama of the yacht club where … Continue reading

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There were a couple of nervous emails about the Bangkok protests in my inbox this morning, so, just a quick update: 1)  I’m back in Singapore today, so I’m unaffected 2) Chiang Mai (where I was when the protests started … Continue reading

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Cooking School

I spent most of yesterday at the ‘Thai Farm Cooking School,’ hoping to learn why my pad thai always end up in a sticky mess.  I’m not sure I solved that problem but it was a pleasant day nonetheless. We … Continue reading

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I’m staying at the ‘Garden Guesthouse’ in Chiang Mai which is essentially just three bedrooms upstairs from a bar and cafe.  Their street sign is so sun-faded that I can’t read it (I just look for the blank sign when … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai Zoo

No animal is more dignified than the capybara. The zoo aquarium had a open-from-the-top ‘touch tank’ with rays in it and then, later, an identically designed ‘dangerous animals’ tank with lionfish and morays.  There was a velvet rope around this … Continue reading

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These are photos from an afternoon trip from Chiang Mai to Samoeng and back again — the loop goes around and behind the mountain that Doi Suthep is on.  My little 110cc Honda Click could only barely get me up … Continue reading

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Odds and ends from Bangkok

Back end of a cendol cart Exhibit caption from Siam Ocean World, an aquarium with nearly as many snack bars as exhibits. Yep, they provide glass-bottom boat tours in one of the fish tanks. Also in Ocean World, a spa … Continue reading

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Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is one of the landmarks of Chiang Mai.  In theory I should be able to see it from town, but it’s way too smoky for that right now.  (I’m not clear why the jungle is on fire, but … Continue reading

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