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Din Tai Fung, Marina Bay

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Nothing happened in the Ordovician

Having spent my entire life living atop Ordovician fossil beds (and a fair bit of my childhood digging in them), this diagram is deeply disappointing. The story always seems to go “Cambrian Explosion! Yada yada yada… bony fishes in the … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

This exhibit has a lot of skeletons of early reptiles and mammals that predate dinosaurs, great-looking things that I’d never seen or thought of before. The lighting here is very strange — often a spotlight is shining directly in my … Continue reading

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crash crash thumpthumpthump

There’s nowhere I can go this week that doesn’t have crashing cymbals — even up in my 10th floor apartment I hear the sound every hour or so of a little open-backed truck full of drummers rolling by. Just now … Continue reading

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Devo fans vs. inflation

Consider three fellows, Manny, Moe, and Jack, who grow up in my home town of Austin, Minnesota. All three are huge Devo fans, and all three graduate from various colleges in 1979. Hormel is in the middle of a wage … Continue reading

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