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Blue-jeans frog

The local population of Oophaga pumilio are called ‘rana blue-jeans’ for obvious reasons. We hear them often, and occasionally spot one just before it ducks under a leaf. I was lucky to find an angle where I could see this … Continue reading

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Yellow-throated toucan

A crowd of these wakes me up most mornings. They seem to like to sit on trees opposite from each other and have yelling contests. I don’t mind, most of the time!

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Oprah says

I was just reading about Central American stingless bees a few days ago, and just now I spotted what looked like an abandoned chunk of electrical conduit sticking out of a tree. Turns out, bees made that conduit!

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Finca Isla, again

Years later, we are back visiting Finca Isla in San Carlos, Costa Rica. I have taken very very many photos and videos, and am going to dump some here. Does this mean I’m going revive this blog? Probably not, but … Continue reading

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