Killer Robots

Since mechanical engineers vastly outnumber software engineers at this event, there are a lot more things that look like robots than there are things which act like robots.




The only ones that have the potential to rise up and murder are these spherical guys:


They travel in packs and (in theory) are capable of collective behavior. They also have my new favorite locomotive behavior, which is that they just roll in whatever direction they want while the eyes and brains and such remain suspended inside.


Of course, for those of us more than 2′ tall the only real danger is of painful, repeated shin-barking.

This next creature is a walrus made out of a sewing-machine head. Step on the food-pedal and it jumps around. Which, come to think of it, I’ve never seen a walrus jump like that, so maybe it isn’t a walrus after all.


There were also a bunch of these big giant metal sculptures which didn’t move at all, but did on occasion shoot giant fireballs.




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