crash crash thumpthumpthump

There’s nowhere I can go this week that doesn’t have crashing cymbals — even up in my 10th floor apartment I hear the sound every hour or so of a little open-backed truck full of drummers rolling by. Just now I sat down to work at a starbucks in a mall, and minutes later a troop of lion dancers set up in the courtyard behind me.


A couple of these guys are involved in a side-bit where one of the lions is ill-behaved and keeps wandering off, twitching inappropriately, and sniffing at the audience. A ‘tamer’ keeps rushing up to herd it back into line with the others. Pretty great! Later there’s the standard bit of impossible acrobatics, where a lion jumps around on the top of poles, stands on its hind legs, turns circles, etc. Which is not especially impressive until you consider that there are two guys in there.


Still, my ears could use a break. Clearly the dancing styles are evolving, but the drumming still lacks subtlety.

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